An excellent solution for desk owners

We've developed a great solution for guys who don't have a racing setup, but want to conveniently and comfortably place their racing devices. In this video we show the algorithm for assembling the desktop mount of our Buttonbox PRO

Unique steering wheel for Logitech

Five years of testing and development have resulted in a new steering wheel with the perfect grip and, as always, great looking. Apart from these advantages, it is just as strong and reliable as our other steering wheels.

Our new steering wheel for Thrustmaster owners

It's great when updating your racing setup becomes not only a visual decoration, but also a real tool for improving the performance on the track.

I hope our new steering wheels will become the very tool for owners of Thrustmaster bases and give hundreds of cool racing sessions!

Upgrade Thrustmaster Steering Wheels

Best selling kit in 2021 and 2022. Wheel Paddles and Adapter Set for T300 Series  - shipped to over 500 simracers worldwide. This update allows you to diversify your races. Preferred for drifting and rallying. 

Ideal base for custom - R1 Wheel

Hundreds of simracers around the world have chosen our steering wheel as the basis for their projects. Every project is different. We have published dozens of projects on our Instagram, and even more can be found on specialized forums. R1 Weel is definitely our best base for customization!
New project coming soon...