ButtonBox PRO



  • completely dismountable metal body
  • manual processing of parts before painting
  • powder-resistant painting
  • high-quality fasteners
  • 3 sides for mounting
  • ability to change the direction of the USB cable output (useful for different types of installation)
  • electronics are compatible with PCs running Windows OS
  • the device is compatible with all simulators and games that support the simultaneous connection of more than 1 device (this is most modern and classic simulators)
  • equipped with a navigation pad made of aluminum plate.

Allows you to assign 30 commands:

  • 17 buttons
  • 1 toggle switch
  • encoders on pressing - 4 signals
  • rotary encoders, 2 signals from each encoder

We recommend that you look at our products for mounting this buttonbox

Weight: 2400 g

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Order processing procedure

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Product Warranty

24 months
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