Hi guys. Here is our prototype, which was produced in limited quantities. At the moment, its price is cheaper than the cost of its production. If you support our cause and like our prototype, you can buy it right now, and within 5 business days, your order will be packaged and sent for delivery. The total number of ready-made steering wheels is 9 pieces. Before ordering, read the terms of delivery and warranty.

- compatible with any steering base
- connects via USB to PC
- drivers are installed automatically

A total of 18 signals available for assignment
- 2 magnetic shifters
- funky switch for 4 functions
- 2 encoders
- 8 momentary buttons

- the base is made of high-strength duralumin 4mm by waterjet cutting
- turning works are performed by a turner of the highest category
- manual processing of each base before staining
- high-strength moiré powder coating
- anatomical polyurethane handles
- diameter 318 mm
- weight 990 grams

Weight: 1399 g

Order processing procedure
Delivery details
Product Warranty

Order processing procedure

  • collect your cart
  • pay using PayPal or bank card
  • your order will be dispatched within 1-5 business days
  • send you a tracking number

Delivery details

All orders up to 1 kg are delivered by air mail. Average delivery time worldwide is 25 business days. We indicate for our clients a delivery time period of 12 to 56 working days, these are deadline numbers (in case of holidays, disasters and slowdowns) - if you clearly understand the delivery scope, we will be happy to produce and ship your order.

Product Warranty

For prototype - 1 year to ship any components that require replacement
For the release version - 1 year for maintenance and repairs
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