Universal Adapter for TM

Updates and improvements:

  • new type of plastic (tighter and tighter)
  • new model Adapter
  • vacuum casting system
  • unique mounting system
  • no 3D printer adapter

Suitable for:

  • Holes Wheel 70 mm
  • Holes Wheel 74 mm
  • Suitable forsteering wheels:
  • Nardi, Raid, Personal, Momo, Omp, etc

The new adapter allows you to attach the steering wheel on the steering wheels of all releases of Trastmaster. As many of you know that for different steering wheels on different adapters are installed, we carefully designed a system in which the accuracy of the adapter is up to you. You are free to adjust the accuracy of the adapter, thanks to 4 screws that regulate the accuracy and stability of the steering wheel.

Weight: 180 g

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