Magnetic Paddle Shifters



  • injection molding plastic (high strength) 
  • high wear electronic buttons
  • high quality neodymium magnets
  • paddles strong and lightweight duralumin
  • base steel with manual processing and powder painting
  • Type 1 and Type 2 - ready to connect to PC "Plug and Play"

Compatibility: Plug and play Windows OS

Material: Metal + Compatibility

Shipping packaging: Protective box

Weight: 400 g

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Delivery details

Order processing procedure

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Delivery details

All orders up to 1 kg are delivered by air mail. Average delivery time worldwide is 25 business days. We indicate for our clients a delivery time period of 12 to 56 working days, these are deadline numbers (in case of holidays, disasters and slowdowns) - if you clearly understand the delivery scope, we will be happy to produce and ship your order.
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